Cottage by the Sea

Elli Peart, Jared Ross & Nikki Glumcevic



Cottage by the Sea is a non-profit, non-government, registered children’s charity in Queenscliff, Victoria, supporting disadvantaged young people in a positive, healthy, seaside environment.  The organisation is seeking design solutions to reach a younger target demographic, to engage and support their efforts.


Accomplishing this would require changes to the existing design materials that maintain the personality and values of the current brand. 



Through a multiplatform approach we will modernise the design elements of Cottage by the Sea. With the campaign and promotion of new events we hope to get more people involved, creating a better understanding of the organisation’s purpose and values. 

To ensure people can access information effortlessly, we redesigned web pages for easier navigation. We focused on the history of the organisation, creating a timeline within the halls of the Cottage so that children are able to learn and understand more about the organisation in a fun and creative way. The outcomes focus on maintaining the important values and personality of the Cottage by the Sea updated with current and innovative design elements.