Alchemy: United x Design 2019
Daniel Boctor, Ellie May, Froggy Truong & Rui Ung


United x Design 2019 gives students the opportunity to work with real world clients as well as creating a dialogue and connecting with the community in which Deakin resides.


The exhibition provides an opportunity to promote Deakin Design and 3rd year student work to industry partners, family, friends and the wider community. United x Design embraces young designers who are discovering their creative identity as professionals by showcasing their designs in a contemporary manner, giving insight into the experimental and challenging process behind collaboration.


Our group was tasked with developing a theme and brand for this year’s exhibition, as well as the co-ordination and production of elements required for both Burwood and Geelong exhibitions to run smoothly.


Our concept for the campaign is “ALCHEMY”; the magical and transformative process of blending our design ideas to create new substance. This symbolises the collaborative chemistry of individuals uniting with different elements mixing together to become whole. It taps into the meaningful and substantive work students are creating for our not-for-profit partners.


The outcomes are focused on blending gradients, abstract shapes and typography into contemporary and innovative layouts that speak to where design is in 2019.


The design of the exhibition and presentation evening celebrates the collaborative efforts on client projects as well as working together as a collective.