Baby Makes 3

Kevin Chuong, Kevin Pathmanathan, Melissa Del Vecchio & Phillip Prastalo



Baby Makes 3 is a parenting program led by the members of the Carrington Health service division. Their aim is to remove traditional gender roles in parenting by teaching parents to share the roles and responsibilities of nurturing a newborn baby.


Baby Makes 3 needs our help to communicate their key messages to new parents through the creation of a new visual identity and online presence. They want their audience to consider the positive and negative effects of gender stereotypes and apply this knowledge in the way they parent their child and maintain their relationships. 


Our goal is to ensure that these messages resonate with that target audience.



To achieve our client’s goals, our designs are based on the idea of ‘balance’, demonstrated through a newly developed visual identity for Baby Makes 3. This begins with a logo and tagline illustrating the values of positive relationships and equality. The new brand has been incorporated in a range of online applications including a  website, Facebook and Instagram. Collectively, these platforms give audiences a wide range of information on the program itself and a space to share stories whilst interacting with other parents. New and expecting parents are given a chance to learn about both the positive and serious messages on topics of parenting, relationships and gender equality/stereotyping.


The brand aims to enable Baby Makes 3 reach a wider audience whilst also spreading awareness on these important topics.