Carrington Health

Cathy Chen, Dean Wu, Dianne Ding & Ken Gong



Carrington Health is a not-for-profit organisation that provides individual health services and group programs for people of all ages and abilities. Their services include general health and well-being, child and family health, mental health support, chronic disease management, diabetes support, oral health services, social support and prevention programs. Carrington Health serves people from all different backgrounds, walks of life, age groups and abilities.


Our task as a group was to create a more welcoming environment for customers, by designing a new wall design in the interior for the clinic. We also developed posters that will attract new potential customers as well as brochures and a new design for their social media.



Our design focussed on appealing to a multicultural audience, with an emphasis on those with a Chinese background. The client indicated that a large proportion of their customer base are of Chinese ancestry. 


The result of the work is a combination of Chinese symbolism and artistry, carefully ensuring not to alienate potential customers from other cultural backgrounds. Our philosophy is to welcome all indiscriminately to the community.


Through our visual language we hope to convey strong meaning and messages. The mountains and Koi fish symbolises longevity, the cranes as blessings and the bamboo representative of happiness and good health. We have utilised a soft and warm tone inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings.