Grampians Tourism

Mariel Legaspi, Taylah Hood & Venetia Slarke



The Grampians have recently started servicing multiple bus routes making life easier for locals, especially for those who are unable to drive. 


An opportunity was offered by Grampians Tourism to promote these services throughout Halls Gap and the surrounding towns. Currently, the locals and the visitors are uninformed about the bus services. The current timetables are too complicated and overwhelming; thus simplified communication is needed through visual language.


The task is to create the designs that will be utilised within Halls Gap and throughout the surrounding towns of the Grampians region. 



“Connecting You Around the Grampians”, is the tagline and focus for us throughout the campaign. Exploration, accessibility, hop-on, hop-off and community are the key elements of this project, which is reflected within the tagline. 


Our outcomes are a series of versatile designs with a wide number of applications, aiming to provide easy communication for commuters travelling around the Grampians. The campaign will highlight the community of the Grampians through a photographic focus, incorporated within the designs. The applications are a range of redesigned posters, brochures, timetables and maps legible for all users.