Hedland High School

Hannah Emons, Madi Moorhead, Venus Chan & Wenyao Zhang



Hedland Senior High School caters for students from Years 7 to 12 of varying backgrounds in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The school faces challenges in engaging students and families to achieve their full potential and be part of the school community.


The intention is to bring awareness of the school’s new business plan. The school needs parent support in delivering the best educational outcomes for their children. 


The current promotional material required updating and modernisation. The brief was to present the school across social media in the best possible light. Hedland High School is a pillar to the community and the design needed to highlight the importance of education and well-being to the children and young adults of the community. 



The concept for the campaign is ‘Inspire and Aspire’, which aims to target the incoming and current students of Hedland High School.


Our intention is to showcase the vast opportunities Hedland High School has to offer students, to grow and build a future for themselves post high school. 


The project includes development of social media tiles to be posted alongside interactive bus shelter advertisements. This is to be carried out into poster and billboard applications, to further promote the school. Through a careful selection of images and typography, we aim to promote the positive impact Hedland High School can have for its students’ futures.