Hobsons Bay City Council

Bronson Christian, Maddison Trainor & Mikayla Kerr



Hobsons Bay City Council, is interested in involving the local community in maintaining their area. Their current model of outreach and community involvement has been dwindling in numbers recently and they have decided that they want a more youthful approach. 


The goal will be appealing to groups and individuals who want to help their local community 

but cannot make a long term commitment.


Our mission is to create and organise a group that will be involved in a variety of different environmental tasks and events, for example: Litter collection days, tree planting and educational programs within local schools and community.



The Leading Environmental Activity Fellowship or ‘LEAF’ for short, is an organisation we developed with the preservation and enrichment of Hobsons Bay at its core. This group will appeal to our target demographic with a youthful approach and a key focus on building a sense of gratification and pride within their community. LEAF aims to appeal to its audience through social media promotion and advertising, utilising a more modern and contemporary design approach. 

The project is not limited to social media and we have instituted a design philosophy of ‘doing good while looking good at the same time’, which will translate to print as well. Inspired by brands like Sea Shepherd, we see products like reusable bags and water bottles as a brilliant way to both promote LEAF and align with its intrinsic values and messages.