Mei Lin, Neil Tran & Troy Zhang



Deakin Launchpad is a multi-disciplinary Research and Development Lab that aims to make IT innovation accessible at an affordable cost. Launchpad approaches things differently to other technology and services; collaborators and partners work in an open environment not as service customers but as part of the innovation.


Deakin Launchpad wants to go take their brand to the broader public and needed a brand 

to help interact with and inform new partners.


Our team was tasked with developing that brand and relevant materials that will enable Deakin Launchpad to clearly define themselves to their target audience.



Our concept for Launchpad is to rebrand their vision of technical research and development itself. We want to portray this stereotypically dry work (coding, tables, charts, numbers, calculations, etc.) in a new exciting and approachable light. This is achieved through illustrations and layouts that link Launchpad to interesting aspects of technology such as its application in music, biology, engineering, etc.


Combining the powerful colour scheme of black, yellow, and white with modern and geometrical graphics led us to a new Launchpad brand that would help them extend their reach and better achieve their vision.