Port Phillip EcoCentre

Ingvild Kongrevoll, Kyle Lacomel & Lily Ferguson



The Port Phillip EcoCentre is a leading community-managed organisation, dedicated to designing and implementing innovative environmental programs. They recently published a highly researched report exposing the degree of plastic pollution in the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers, and how the issue affects Port Phillip Bay. 


The Port Phillip EcoCentre required designs that display their text-heavy published research in a more accessible and visual way to a wider audience. The aim is to create a greater understanding of the information at a glance, inspiring and encouraging young adults to prioritise the environment in their daily lives; with help from the EcoCentre.


The designs reflect the Port Phillip EcoCentre’s brand voice by embodying the following values of being positive, approachable, empowering, inclusive and authoritative.



Our concept was to present audiences with a dystopian future, where plastic rules. Reflecting the reality of plastic pollution in our waterways today and in the future, if change does not occur. To achieve this, we adopted a ‘no-fuss’ collage style with paper textures and vintage imagery, evoking the nostalgia of school and textbooks. The look reminds audiences of the EcoCentre’s role as a trusted resource when it comes to the facts on pollution in our waterways. Our designs remain factual and informative, while creating a visually dynamic sense of fun.


Designs are bold, dynamic and eye-catching, while being still being highly informative and straight to the point. The new materials provide a strong starting point for positive change in environmental activism; an area that can often seem daunting for the youth of today.