The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Emma in’t Hout, Joel Clarke & Katrina Strbac


The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) required a campaign for their Feast 4 Freedom program. This program has a mission to empower and provide resources for people seeking asylum in Australia.


Feast 4 Freedom is an engaging fundraising experience that invites Australians to host, prepare and share a feast with flavours from around the world. A pilot program showed promise in targeting a primary audience of educated women in their 30s-60s. Our efforts have been to invigorate the program and reinforce its positive messaging.



Our strategy is to use the existing style guide provided by the ASRC but apply it in new ways to create dynamic branding. The designs reinforce the positive message that is instilled in the values of the organisation as well as reflect the cultural diversity of asylum seekers.


We aim to target the corporate side of restaurants with sub-branding using elements from the original brand. This identity will be more minimal and luxurious.

The design outcomes involve creating a marketing campaign of digital and print advertising. This also includes a starter kit for registered hosts and restaurants participating in the program, containing relevant merchandise, stationery, menus and information about the event.