The Corner Store Network

Angela Rivans, Mimik Thapa, Nehreen Rahman & Phoebe Ho



The Corner Store Network is a not-for-profit organisation working on programs related to climate change, food security, food waste, nutrition and ethical consumption in Australia and the Asia Pacific. 


The founder Alice Mahar initially started ‘WithOneBean’ as a social enterprise, aimed to unite the community in efforts towards preserving our planet’s future. Newly rebranded as ‘Stock/Store’, the public facing entity hopes to retain engagement with its current loyal customers, while also attracting a younger audience.


We have been tasked with creating a smooth transition for the current ‘WithOneBean’ customer base, whilst simultaneously attracting new audience members.



Our aim is to increase awareness around the brand’s narrative and positioning, showing the 

journey of their product. This will establish a personal and transparent relationship between the customers and The Corner Store Network. 


Our campaign encourages interactivity and user engagement through social media, web presence and local publishing materials (newspapers and postcards). The key messaging will revolve around ideas of change and time, exploring the relationship between people and the planet.