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UniNationals Alchohol Awareness


The project brief for our client ‘Deakin University Alcohol Culture Change Project’ is to create an advertisement for the 2018 participants at Gold Coast. We were asked to create messages that encourage university students to drink moderately, drawing their focus back to the competition, along with imagery that emboldens the message. Slogan and imagery, as well as motion graphics, merchandise and a brochure, were asked to be created as a way to ensure the message appeals to University Nationals participants, Gold Coast Community, students and leaders.


The campaign we produced is bold and vibrant, in order to capture students’ attention. The main focus is the messages along with illustrations that encourage students to drink moderately and responsibly. The designs are simple whilst still having a strong message, with the ability to customize to different advertisements in order to reach the audience. 


The outcome of our design is a campaign that will be used throughout Uni Nationals directed at students. This campaign has targeted messages to positively influence drinking culture and reduce the risk of harm amongst students. Our final outcome consists of a campaign slogan that is featured on 4 individual advertisement posters, a roll-up, motion graphics, merchandise and shown throughout social media.

Meet The Team
Siv-Elin Skoglund
Henry Nguyen
Elaine Rabahi
Chantelle Sondhu