Make your next project Authentic
Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria


The project brief for our client ‘Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria’ is needed a series of collateral that they can use to communicate their visions and successes to utilize to have more potential supporters to partner up with IADV and encourage Indigenous designers to take part in the industry. A series of collateral is a way to construct cultural awareness of Indigenous architecture and design within the community and industry. Branding and logo as well as posters, a brochure, a website, and a kit were asked to be created as a means to attract corporate partnerships and future memberships to raise awareness and empower Indigenous creatives beyond Victoria. 


The design we came up with is a bold and timeless appeal in order to capture the contemporary aspect of Indigenous architecture and design within Victoria. Black and white are mainly used to capture the truest nature of the Indigenous culture and we also chose orange to be the contrasting embellishment of the overall design. The campaign idea ‘Make your next project Authentic’ can advocate the true nature and beliefs of the Indigenous people – the original custodians of the land, as there is nothing more authentic than this. 


The outcome of our design has a cohesive, simple and evocative style that can be flexible in use throughout the series of collateral or for future projects. Our final outcome includes a new logo, a new webpage, posters that showcase the Indigenous designers’ works, a brochure that includes information about IADV and a kit that contains an exclusive pass and ticket, plaque, and a book when they partner with IADV.

Meet The Team
Alice Lee
Casey Schmidt
Jessica Ouyang
Nicole Zhang
Tara Helen Saltzman