World Migratory Bird Day
A journey for participants to #JoinTheAdventure by learning and getting involved with the activities.
Hobsons Bay City Council


Our client was the Hobsons Bay City Council. Our brief was to create a campaign for their annual event of world migratory bird day (WMBD). We were asked to promote the event in a way that would gain both a younger and older audience. The outcomes we would come up with were to possibly be used for future WMBD events. Our aim was to encompass their request and build something that could grow into a much bigger event as the years go on.


Our campaign was to use the flyway journey of the red-necked stint as a basis for the entire day. The 5 stations of activities would represent the five main stopping points for the red-neck stint. This allowed for the character Tommy the Red-necked Stint to take the younger generation on a journey, learning facts about migration, birds, habitats and the conservation of all three. Our additional materials add to the promotion of the event moving it onto social media and working with local schools and libraries to gain awareness. The secondary focus to bring in a larger audience has allowed for our art competition to be created to showcase the winner’s pieces and to bring in the wildlife enthusiasts into the event.


The outcome of our project is a journey for participants to #JoinTheAdventure by learning and getting involved with the activities. The materials such as plaques, stamps, passports, posters, newsletter, banner, stencil, art installation, gallery and online media presence assist in getting the event to run smoothly with an increasing number of attendance.

Meet The Team
Faren Fairuzzabadi
Nic Athanasopoulos
Stanley Chu
Ash Bouyer