The visual aesthetic of this campaign focuses on clarity and balance; reflecting upon a sense of approachability, optimism and professionalism.

Ladder offers a diverse range of support and mentoring services in partnership with AFL and AFLW players. As the official charity of the AFL Players Association, Ladder can provide unique mentor programs, VIP AFL experiences, intervention spaces and skill development programs. They also provide education employment and training programs for the youth. 

Currently, the organisation is not effectively communicating the breadth of services they provide, and the target audience is not engaging fully with the brand. The task for our design team is to create a brand awareness campaign that will generate recognition of Ladders’ trustworthy, promising, engaging and modern nature as an organisation and service provider.

Our campaign is centred around core themes of empathy and understanding. The focus is towards demonstrating the involvement of AFL and AFLW players within the organisation as unique mentors. Our design aims to juxtapose these successful figures with photos from their younger years. 

This comparison aims to communicate the fact that Ladder empathises with the mindsets and perspectives of the youth in all situations, because in one way or another, everyone can relate to what it’s like to be young and need help in some way. 

Meet The Team
Joel Chen
Molly Spencer
Nick Rech