How can an online presence be equally accessible for members (people seeking asylum), donors and advocates while amplifying the voices of refugees and people seeking asylum?
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

ASRC is Australia’s largest human rights organisation providing a range of support to refugees and people seeking asylum. Offering more than 40 holistic programs that protect people, the organisation is proudly operated by volunteers and staff to assist over 7000 people seeking asylum each year. The ASRC perceives a future where people seeking asylum are able to continuously live independently, safely and equally.

Amal, which means hope, is the driving personality behind this approach bringing warmth and comfort through an online presence that appeals to members, donors and advocates in a tailored experience addressing their needs in an efficient manner. The tone and message of this approach is delivered through compassionate language and shining a light on personal experiences to highlight the stories being told through more images and testimonials from the audience themselves.

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