Asylum Seekers Support App
How might we inform Asylum Seekers on the information and the support that ASRC can provide them with?
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

The asylum Seeker Resource Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation founded over 20 years ago, providing support to refugees and people seeking asylum. They offer more than 40 holistic programs that protect people seeking asylum from persecution and destitution, support well-being and empower people to advance their own future. The ASRC is proudly run by a community and supported by a network of volunteers and staff in assisting people seeking asylum.

We wanted to give ASRC’s website an update as well as add our support guide as a new section so all the information asylum seekers as well as the other members of the target audiences can be found in one place with easier navigation. To accompany this redesign we created the Support App that aims to help Asylum Seekers receive access to all the information they need to navigate their options and pathways. The Support App provides Asylum Seekers the chance to learn about employment, housing, education, and legal help services. As well as an interactive messenger where any other questions can be answered, in an easy to navigate and multi-language friendly way.

Meet The Team
Caitlin Frank
Ben Loughnane
Luxe Colls
Mariniel Carreon