Daily Growth
How might we use design to encourage parents and potential funders to trust and support the evidence-based service?

There are many busy and vulnerable parents with young children that have limited time for parent interventions or have difficulties accessing these resources due to various circumstances. Dr Elizabeth Westrupp is a clinical psychologist that focuses her research on child development and parenting. CAPES-AI, standing for Child and Parent Emotion Study, aims to develop an artificial intelligent parenting intervention application that delivers resources to parents with ease. The application is designed to be tailored and personalised to the parent’s current situation, making them feel supported and trusted during their difficult times.

Daily Growth is an evidence-based parenting intervention application that offers engaging resources for all parents and provides personalised activities focusing on Emotion Coaching, Active Play, and Mindfulness. At Daily Growth, we enable parents to discover daily resources that provides parents with quick informative tips to help understand their child’s emotions, a play session that contains personalised activities that users can enjoy with their kids, access to multiple meditation exercises, connecting with psychologists, a self-care journal made to reflect on daily emotions and a platform to connect and engage with other parents.
To increase engagement and trust, Daily Growth has a series of online and offline promotion. Signages and prints will be displayed in public for a wide group of audience to acknowledge as well as an online web-presence through social media campaigns.

Meet The Team
Jesyln Tan Yoke Teng
Siman Michelle Zhu
Jenny Phan