Growing With
How might we help parents of 2-4 years old kids improve relationship and release stress from a parenting app based on different situations?

Capes-AI refers to children and parents’ emotional studies artificial intelligence. It is a research project lead by Dr. Elizabeth Westrupp aims to develop an intelligent parenting intervention app. In order to create a positive relationship with family and create strong connections, it will provide parents of 2-4 years old kids with an evidence based and personalised parenting intervention app through periodic survey. This project seeks to help parents understand parenting situations and provide parents with emotion couching and release stress and help parents to raise well-adjusted children

“Growing With” provides parents of 2-4 years old kids with convenient and effective positive parenting recommendations through a personalized informative interactive parenting app.

The aim of this app is to help parents of 2-4 years old kids become invulnerable and improve skills such as time management and parenting through evidence based, personalized, convenient, efficient, and simple solutions for a harmonious family.

There are multiple functions such as time management reminder of vaccination and seasonal flu prevention for both kids and parents and kids’ necessities such as mental and physical health enquiries.

Meet The Team
Chew Ee Hun
Chris Jiang
Eki Wang
Veronica Zhu