The language of food
Fawkner Food Bowls

We created a robust brand and campaign that is strategically targeted towards the CALD audience to create a welcoming, warm, and friendly invitation to Fawkner Food Bowls. This audience was hard hit during the COVID-19 lockdowns, partly due to the unavailability of fresh produce, income, and lack of garden space to grow their own food. Our strategic concept for the campaign is “The language of food” which simply emphasises how coming together over food, which is the beating heart of Fawkner Food Bowls, creates a basis for a strong, vibrant community where belonging, sharing and happiness are commonplace.

The outcomes are focused on creating an entirely new identity for Fawkner Food Bowls to align it with its current mission, using vibrant colours and flowing patterns to pay tribute to middle eastern design. This design component is a gentle nod towards the CALD community to bridge the diversity gap in the community garden. A key outcome of the campaign is the rebranding in the form of a new logo and front signage. This has then been applied to numerous items such as a tote bag, key chain, seed packs etc. which come together to create a volunteer pack that can either be distributed or sold by Fawkner Food Bowls.

Meet The Team
Bridget Haley
Hayley Riches
Jaylen McVilly
Ruby Hurley