Path to Progress
How might we engage people to interact with the Alumni Awards despite the over-saturation of technology due to COVID-19?
Deakin Alumni Awards

‘Path to Progress’ provides a user focused experience which allows the audience to interact with the 2022 Deakin Alumni Awards in a way which is unique and direct. The project focuses on each award winner’s journey from Deakin to now. It is designed to inspire motivated students and recent graduates of Deakin to achieve success in their industries. By providing the audience with a strong message promoting the power of determination and perseverance, the event is more likely to engage the audience despite the over-saturation of technology due to COVID-19.

The website allows the audience to visually see each award winner’s ‘path to progress’. It has been designed in a way which makes the content accessible and engaging while also respecting the prestige of the awards.

To advertise the event we created a series of posters and social media posts. These outcomes communicate a recognisable visual identity which is unique to the 2022 Deakin Alumni Awards. The illustrations of hands across our designs reflects each award winner’s unique path and how Deakin is an integral part of their journey to success.

The two videos we produced communicate the message behind the 2022 Deakin Alumni Awards – ‘Path to Progress’. These videos engage the audience by making the ceremony more personable and relatable.

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