Kalorama In Bloom
How might we encourage and connect members of the Kalorama community to participate in community led events?
The Kalorama Collective

The community of Kalorama experienced extensive trauma. They want their voices and stories to be heard and remembered. The solution should not place emphasis on their trauma, but instead provide them with ample room to develop and grow.

The ‘Kalorama In Bloom’ Community Garden concept provides a space for locals to interact and connect with their neighbours. It promotes skills development and education on sustainability and allows the community to heal together through socialisation and gardening. The addition of a community arts workshop also promotes the communities creativity and aims to strengthen community relationships.

The outcomes of this concept include both digital and print promotional materials for the opening of the community garden that appeals to community members of all ages. The visual designs aim to reflect the values and location of Kalorama through warm and welcoming colours and illustrations. This intends to promote community participation and involvement while also establishing a memorable brand identity for the Kalorama Collective.

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