Make Change Your Way
How might we attract time-poor individuals who don’t think they have a place in volunteering to volunteer at St Kilda Mums by utilising the organisation’s social media presence and loyal community?
St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums is a charity organisation that rehomes essential items to parents in need. Their mission is to aid those in need whilst reducing waste by extending the lifespan of essentials through restoration and repair. St Kilda Mums require volunteers to be involved in every aspect of the organisation. The organisation would like to recruit younger volunteers. They are a well-known organisation with a loyal group of current volunteers and supporters and a strong social media presence. St Kilda Mums don’t have much time or money to put towards recruitment and understand that people have less time to volunteer post-pandemic.

Make Change Your Way is a social media campaign to combat university students’ hesitations about volunteering. The campaign features engaging, bright visuals to catch the attention of a younger demographic. It focuses on St Kilda Mum’s flexible volunteer options and the benefits of volunteering as a young adult. Make Change Your Way utilises St Kilda Mums’ social media presence and requires minimal spending and time to implement. The deliverables include an Instagram campaign to attract the target audience of young adults who don’t think they have a place in volunteering but are kind and generous. Young adults are often time-poor and may have never thought about volunteering, so Make Change Your Way is a campaign to dispel common misconceptions about volunteering.

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