Join the Mobilisation
Mobilise felt limited with messaging and reach through their social platforms, so had not only asked us to increase engagement with their current audience, but also attract potential volunteers.

Mobilise is a non-for-profit organisation whose mission is to drive conversation for change for those experiencing homelessness across the nation. They use volunteer support in planned outreaches, providing people in need with supplies whilst educating and raising awareness about homelessness. Mobilises’ target demographic is youth aged 18 to 30 who are compassionate towards others and want to make a difference.

Some key points provided were that the message they want to spread is one of humanisation and de-stigmatisation. As homelessness is a complicated and multi faceted issue, people will only need a basic understanding of what’s happening and how they can help. Mobilise wants people to feel hopeful, excited, and willing to volunteer for positive change.

Our concept, “Join the Mobilisation”, addresses their need for higher levels of engagement for social media and visualises their new decentralised outreach model in digital promotion. We want users to know that they can be part of the ‘Mobilisation’, ‘Humanisation’, ‘Conversation’, and ‘Organisation’. An onboarding video and volunteer handbook will bring awareness to the outreach. A refreshed look and feel of social media content have pillars supporting the structure to build strong connections for their audiences. During the testing phase, we found that participants believed there was an effective balance between information and visual elements, which inclined them to interact with the content. They particularly loved the new colour palette and motion graphics. Overall, they confirmed that they would be far more likely to sign up and volunteer after seeing the latest designs.

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