Jump In Jump Out!
BHCAC was finding themselves with community reach across all age brackets excluding 25-35. This posed as a challenge as they had done all they could at that point to engage with this audience to little success. We were tasked with resolving this puzzle.
Box Hill Community Arts Centre (BHCAC)

Being a welcoming and inspiring, intergenerational space for creation, production and celebration, it was observed there was no central creative hub in Box Hill socially and culturally appealing to 25-35 year olds. BHCAC was looking to fill this gap, strengthening their community.

Jump In Jump Out! helps resolve the market gap through the use of modern and aggressive colours combined with a selection of loud elements causing a melting pot of movement. The marketing strategy has emphasis on no lock in commitment, which is the biggest issue with the age range’s restricted engagement. Their lives have so much going on they are hesitant to lock themselves into a course.

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