SIT Capstone
How might we establish new communication methods to captivate introverted students within their own learning process while participating in the capstone program?
Deakin’s SIT Capstone program

The SIT program sees undergraduates and postgraduates collaborate with peers, teachers and industry professionals in a student driven learning environment. The program acts as a connection between students, teachers and industry partners to provide students with an authentic learning opportunity to engage with external organizations and solve real problems relative to industry. Currently there is a lack of community culture, lack of student engagement and a general mis-understanding of expectations due to the over-complex systems in place.

The final concept proposal simplifies the over-complex systems in place by implementing one centralized hub, where educators can inform & connect with industry partners, past, present and future students. With the integration of an immersive and engaging application that acts as a bridge between the website and the phones in our pockets. The purpose of the app is to reflect a ‘social media’ type platform that is based entirely around the capstone project, unit content and the students’ needs. The app allows users to create profiles, build portfolios, share on the platform and engage with the unit content, to help develop a strong, connected and unified online community.

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