Deakin Alumni Awards 2020 were presented with a unique challenge due to the disarray and new way of living caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to social distancing regulations and lock down laws – it was impossible to hold the awards in a physical location with a large number of people in attendance – the way in which they are usually.

As a solution to this, Deakin decided to hold the Alumni Awards online to a virtual audience. Given this unique approach for 2020 – it seemed appropriate to give the Alumni Award a completely new redesign for the first time since 2013.

Our group was given the responsibility to design these new awards, organise manufacturing, costs etc. and have them delivered by the 18th September to be presented to 7 Alumni.

We knew the design had to be meaningful and fitting as well as tell a story that is understood and relateable. Along with the physical award, we were required to ideate and create a digital motion piece that communicated an overall continuing aesthetic which would be displayed during the online event.

A unique triangular shaped award made of three materials. The materialistic make up of the award was what told a story and made the design special.

The base of the shape being made of cement to represent foundation and support. The middle section being crafted of natural wood to represent growth through a nurturing environment.

And the triangular peak of the shape was made of acrylic, to symbolise a window of transparency and bridge the physical structure to the story of education to success.

The overall visual aesthetic that was applied to the motion piece, iconography and promotional material was a result of  successful group collaboration. These components included evident continuity and elements of the materials to reinforce the story and meaning.