Bowel cancer is the second highest cancer-killer in Australia and with an increasing number of Australians being diagnosed below the age of 50, there is a need to inform younger audiences about the issue.

Bowelscan is an initiative created by the Rotary to reach audiences by promoting their goal to raise awareness and to reduce the rise of bowel cancer through education. The organisation recognised several overarching problems that were preventing engagement and the purchase of their at-home test kits. 

The group created a stronger brand and campaign that appeals to a younger demographic and instills recognition for the cause; raising funds, increasing engagement and generating conversation about bowel cancer whilst removing embarrassment or discomfort. 

The concept for the Bowelscan campaign is “Your sample is smaller than a grain”; reinforcing the effortlessness of testing for bowel cancer, where you only need a sample smaller than a grain of rice. Thus, alleviating the fear of the unknown and increasing purchase and return rates of the test kits by highlighting how easy and simple the process is.

The outcomes are focused on using natural and approachable colours and shapes to convey a supportive and engaging campaign that bridges the gap between the uncomfortable and confrontational intimate topic. 

Due to a lack of engagement and web presence, a key outcome of ‘Smaller than a grain’ is an interactive and inviting social media campaign that provides shareable content the audience feels they can rely on to provide insight and information about the prevailing issue.