Box Hill Community Arts Centre is a not-for-profit artistic and cultural hub within the city of Whitehorse organizing art classes and workshops for people of all ages in the community.

The Whitehorse City Council is home to a multicultural community, however, there is a lack of a social and welcoming space for people to spend an indefinite time to relax in. There is also a lack of opportunity for disadvantaged members of the community to craft new skills. Our client wished to transform its under-utilized kitchen space to provide a safe, creative, and inclusive environment for individuals to relax in, while also offering disadvantaged members of the community the opportunity to develop new skills, by gaining employment.

Our campaign brands this space into the Canvas House Cafe, which is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the Whitehorse Community. The key message revolves around the values of inclusivity, with everyone being welcome to enjoy in this creative space. The campaign focuses on raising awareness and uses a social media narrative to communicate to the audience the distinct values of the Box Hill Community Arts Centre. The minimalistic illustration style is intended to appeal to the diverse audience and help them support their community.