Cottage by the Sea is a not-for-profit charity engaging at-risk children in an exciting, safe and adventure-filled environment where they learn perseverance, a sense of belonging and life skills. Cottage by the Sea’s 130+ years of reliable community involvement provides a passionate and playful service dedicated to changing young people’s lives. The charity is seeking design solutions to attract younger millennial donors while continuing to engage their existing baby boomer supporters.

Using a trans-media approach, the campaign #WhatLoveGives will reach millennial and baby boomer audiences via social media, the Cottage website, local papers and their ambient environment.

For the social media component, we developed specific posts to encourage and request donations and inform audiences with testimonials. The encouragement posts give our audience a reason to donate by describing all the amazing things disadvantaged youth can achieve with the help of a community. Request posts allow us to callout for specific donations depending on what the Cottage requires and to generate a strong connection with our audience it’s important to use testimonials highlighting campers’ experiences. This combination of posts allows us to portray what to donate to the Cottage and inform our audience what the Cottage offers the children as a direct result of these donations.

The animation, located on their website and social media platforms, explains the campaign to current and future donors. It aims to briefly encapsulate what donations can be given to Cottage by the Sea. A combination of bright graphics, movement, and typography creates a balance of fun and information to ensure the viewer remembers Cottage by the Sea. This video shows how the donations have a direct impact on the children who visit the Cottage.

When receiving donations, its essential charities thank their supporters and show their appreciation, which is what the thank-you postcards achieve. The posters, placed in local newspapers and around Queenscliff, Geelong and Melbourne, advertise the campaign, using the Cottages core values. The print component of the campaign helps the Cottage physically engage with their new and existing audience.