Creative Recovery Network is positioned as an art recovery organisation providing support and acting as a catalyst for recovery and change through creation and art. With the help of Deakin their view to the general public is clearer as well as explaining the importance and value they have in our society.

This project, undertaken by Lucy Marra, Nicola Gordon, Zac Bozkurt, Danny Defina and Michelle Ivo Tanaka, includes a combination of talents and designs that reflect Creative Recovery Networks previous community engagement and promotional opportunity for future growth.

The campaign “Re-Create My Community” is an all inclusive awareness campaign with a whole of community focus. Encouraging audiences to “re-think” the impact of art on the community, specifically in disaster recovery.

This campaign follows the tagline “Supporting the community in their recovery, post disaster”. Aiming to provide a method for control and instilling hope for those affected by disaster.

With components of digital and printed media this campaign offers the community a way in which they can learn more via posters, booklet, animation or social media. These platforms were chosen to suit a broad variety of audiences and provide them with relevant information so that CRN could be better understood and appreciated.