Fawkner Commons working out of the Fawkner Bowling Club to provide affordable and accessible food to the surrounding community. Their work with food suppliers and grows their own fresh produce to create food boxes for the community.  

Our task was to help them reach their community and let them know how to order their food boxes. Fawkner Commons is a new organisation that started in May of this year in response to COVID-19 as a way to combat food insecurity in the area. We gave their brand a new style by redesigning their logo and creating a sticker and stamp that they can put on their food boxes. The community is multicultural and for many people English is their second language and they aren’t big users of social media. We created flyers that could be dropped in peoples letter boxes and flyers that could be displayed around the community to raise awareness for the organisation. They already use their social media really successfully, so we decided to make them some templates to tie in the print designs with their social media. Along with the social media templates there is an instructional video and images on how to order their food boxes by designing graphics that can be easily understood across different cultures. All of these components combined will create a brand for Fawkner Commons that will make them accessible to their community and help community members to order their food.