Miyo Sato

After enrolling in the design department of Nagoya University of the Arts, started animation production in 2009. Screening events and animation workshops are held irregularly in Aichi Prefecture.

Entered Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Animation in 2013. Produced “Through the Windows” (2014) and the animation “Kitsune Hajime” (2015) based on Nankichi Niimi. It will be screened at domestic and international film festivals.

Miyo produces in a wide range of techniques and genres, from paint-on-glass (time-lapse with paint on glass) and sand painting animation to digital drawing works.

After working as a creator of a web production company, she has been freelance since 2017. In 2019, he will hold a solo exhibition “MIYOATURE”.

In addition to live performances of sand paintings and shadow puppets using OHP, we also plan workshops. In 2020, started children’s painting and modeling class picolomond art.