The Reading Buddies create partnerships with industry, education and communities to help and develop positive futures for young people with their reading and literacy skills. The Reading Buddies have volunteers in the organisation who have a strong commitment to support young people throughout their journey in learning and improvement. Not only do the
Reading Buddies want to improve young people’s literacy skills but also provide social inclusion, raising aspirations and loving support, so that young people can succeed in their futures, in further study or employment.

The Reading Buddies welcomes anyone who is willing to be a Reading Buddy and to volunteer helping young people. The program is mainly looking for retirees that can volunteer and be a part of a fulfilling work in helping young people with their reading and literacy skills.

Our group was tasked to develop a campaign for the organisation which will be able toadvertise the Reading Buddies organisation.

Our solution for this, was to create components, such as a logo, social media, brochure, posters, and animation video, that will aid the Reading Buddies in promoting their organisation, so that they can recruit potential volunteers, mainly retirees that can give their time in helping young children with their reading and literacy learning.

Throughout the components we made sure that they were all consistent in colour, typography and illustration.