The LLEN (Local Learning and Employment Networks) is a network which have been influencing the outcomes of many young people, from the ages 10 to 25 years old. Increasing their opportunities to participate in meaningful and potentially life changing education, training, and employment.

SWL (Structured Workplace Learning) is a program under LLEN which branches School students progressing through VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs. The program allows students to undertaking on-site training at workplaces, connecting students with employment which can greatly benefit both parties. Building connections and experiences, which are extremely valuable.

Our campaign assists the SWL in rebranding the program to more accurately delivering the key messages the program has to offer. Help raising awareness to the opportunities present in the program for both students and enterprises. The campaign features a new poster, brochure, and website. Which are optimised and refined features of the current campaign. Delivered in a minimal and appealing design to portray the trust, loyalty and confidence of the Structured Workplace Learning to help students build connections and finding their passion with their placements and employers.