Our group was allocated in the Tunstall Square Shopping Centre project to work with the client and develop a series of brand designs according to the client’s needs. The main problems are there are vacant shops in the square, a lack of customers, and more needs to be done with online activities. Therefore, our client would like our team to bring new ideas/goods and services to serve the community; to attract young families and to improve on the website and create a social media site. Our final design outcomes will be exhibit in both online and at Deakin University’s Burwood and Geelong campus.


our concept for the campaign is “I am able”. This design style combines the elements of Tunstall and children, symbolizing that Tunstall is very supportive of the whole concept and improve its reputation. He makes full use of Tunstall because of covid19’s idle shops and non-profit Significant substantive work done by partners. The layout, structure, colors, elements, and design concepts of the entire concept are closely related to 2020.

The outcomes are focused on improving the visibility and reputation of Tunstall Square. It also allows more people to participate in charity activities, learn more about disabling children, and give help. These event planning can help both Tunstall and disabled children at the same time, which is a complimentary event.

This activity is done collectively by our team. Everyone is very team spirit is the result of communication and collaboration between the entire team and the customer.