The Youth Involvement Council works with at-risk young people to bring positivity to their lives,  empowering them to make good choices and feel better about the future. Throughout our time  working on the project, we were able to connect with our client directly and see first hand the  need for our help. Trusting us with the project, our client was hoping to be able to create a new  brand and identity for YIC, helping them gain the much needed funding to support Port  Hedland’s youth. 

Incorporating the bold colours from YIC’s original branding, the team were able to work with what  was originally there and transform it into new content for YIC to be able to use to promote what  they do as an organisation and gain traction online. Rebranding of their social media & their  website and the creation of a new campaign then stemmed onto the creation of infographics,  illustrations and promotional brochures for them to now be able to use to promote the  importance of their work.  

As a team, we were able to cohesively create a new campaign and brand for our client. whilst  creating the integral emotional connection throughout all illustration and design that was needed  to fulfil the clients wishes. The content created throughout our time working on this project will  hopefully assist in the gaining the much needed funding and support by the community for the  youth of Port Hedland, as they are all unique; all special; and all worthy of YIC’s time and care